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Yes, my name is London, and no, I have never been to the actual city across the pond. I know, sad! Someday I hope to get there, but for now I am content being a stay at home mommy with one busy little boy, a busier baby girl, and a just plain crazy dog. We play, we eat, we nap and then we start the cycle over. It is the loveliest kind of adventure, the best job in the world. A few other things I love besides family include reading, writing, singing along with Pandora, and hitting the spin cycle hard. 

Other things you might want to know: I love meeting new people, but am excruciatingly shy. I am an expert listener and communicate far better in writing than I do in speaking. Also, I dance like a spazz, my favorite food group is birthday cake, and I use power tools (thanks to the woodworker I call Superman) and love it. 

As far as other, more professional occupations, I have had my fair share of jobs: a landscaper, a marketing intern, an office manager, a file clerk, a janitor, and an account manager. Currently I work on freelance writing from home, specifically web content and SEO expertise, but really I prefer creative writing. Which is mostly why I have chosen this blog as an outlet.

I desperately needed a place to capture more of my imaginative essence and less of my mundane reality. I have a personal blog for the three of us, but it just isn't enough. I need another place just for the one of me! So I rearranged a few things here and am going to start cranking out some fun stuff! Originally on this blog I wrote book reviews, because I was scared to put myself out there. Then I went to the other extreme posting only pictures of myself and did a 30 for 30 style section that didn't stick and a Selfie Project that was the absolute worst thing ever. So, for the overhaul, I am now going to find a nice compromise. This will be a place for review, of both my life and my readings, but it will also be a place to re-new. I want to pass along helpful tips I have gleaned from my freelancing career as well as put more of my creative writing out there. So, ready or not...

Welcome and enjoy!

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