Jan 5, 2010

Hunger Games

Title : The Hunger Games
Series : #1 Hunger Games
Author : Suzanne Collins
Rating : * * * * *

Main Characters : Katniss age 16 is the heroine, a brave teen living in District 12 who takes on the role of her dead father, a hunter, despite the restrictive laws of the capitol. Prim is her sweet, delicate younger sister, who Katniss works hard to protect. Gale, close friend and hunting partner with Katniss who shares in her secrets and a hatred for the Capitol. Peeta, a sweet, round faced son of a baker who is chosen to compete in the games alongside/against Katniss. Effie Trinket, just as frivolous as her name sounds, is a representative from the Capitol for District 12. Haymitch is a drunkard who is the District 12’s only winner and therefore trainer to Katniss and Peeta.

Setting : A collapsed United States of America where The Capitol rules its surrounding districts with more than just an iron fist—it rules with tall fences, armed guards, restriction of resources, and of course, The Hunger Games.

Basic Plot : Two children from each district are chosen to participate in The Hunger Games each year. Twenty four kids start the games, and one finishes; the Games being a grizzly combination of “The Amazing Race,” “Survivor,” and “The Tri Wizard Tournament” where the competitors must not only survive in rigged surroundings, but must kill off the competition if they wish to be named victor.

Comments : The basic plot is one told many times, in various ways, but here is given new voice and intrigue when told by Suzanne Collins. Throughout the novel we follow Katniss as she evades the law, hunts outside the district’s fence too keep her family alive, and competes in the games. The book is well written, the pacing is perfection, and there is violence, but nothing over the top that detracts from the story. As a reader you feel the outrage, helplessness, fear, and growing strength felt by the characters. There is fashion, fighting, romance, humor, and spectacular characterization. This book has everything a novel needs and the pieces fit so seamlessly, I devoured it in a day and was eager to start the next as soon as I could get my hands on it.

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