Jun 22, 2010

Electric Blue

Title : Electric Blue
Series : #2 Jane Kelly
Author : Nancy Bush
Rating : * * * *

Characters : Jane the information specialist in training is back with her sidekick the Binkster, her pug. Dwayne Durbin is Jane’s rakish mentor/employer who is a cowboy from his hat to his boots. Jasper “Jazz” Purcell is the handsome hunk who hires Jane to investigate the mental faculties of his old grandmother.

Setting : Back in Lake Chinook.

Basic Plot : Members of the crazy family Purcell all want to get their hands on the purse strings held by their grandmother, Orchid. With all of them vying for inheritance, Jane during her investigations is embraced by the aging woman. This, as well as her attraction for Jazz, motivates her to look into the fishy family past, especially the death of Jazz’s mother, Lily. She does this while also wrestling with the flirtations from her boss and a budding relationship with Jazz himself. Then, to make things all the more interesting, another Purcell ends up dead. Threaded throughout are other cases being handled by Dwayne, the workings of Jane’s family clock, and several crazies.

Comments : This is another fast paced, easy read that keeps the reader guessing right up to the end. We encounter not only the familial woes of the eccentric Purcell’s, but also get to know a little bit more about Jane and her family situation. This novel has some instances of language, sex, and violence giving it a low PG 13 rating in my book, but the plot advances nicely, the characters develop, and the mystery thickens. Side note, there is a scene in this book that has me laughing every time I drive by the nursing home in my neighborhood, still!!

Similar : The Morning After (Lisa Jackson), and High Anxiety (Charlotte Hughes)

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