Feb 16, 2010

How to Murder A Millionaire

Title : How to Murder a Millionaire
Series : #1 Blackbird Sisters
Author : Nancy Martin
Rating : * * * *

Characters : Nora Blackbird is widowed and used to be part of high society, but when her parents fled to a tax evaders resort she was left with a two million dollar bill and a furniture collection. Emma is little sister to Nora and is rebellious. Libby is Nora’s other sister and she married well and has a family—albeit a strange one. Mick Abruzzo is a son of a rumored crime boss who purchases property from Nora and, much to Nora's horror, tries to build a monster truck shop on it.

Setting : Present, High Society Philadelphia

Basic Plot : Rory, a family friend, takes pity on Nora and givers her a position at the Philly newspaper he owns. Unfortunately the star of the paper, Kitty, wants job security so she only gives Nora the crappy beats. Nora is selling off land and property left and right while she survives on her grandmother’s old wardrobe. Things go even more south when she sells property to the son of a rumored New Jersey crime boss. To top it all off Nora discovers Rory's body at his party and soon realizes the police are in over their heads with their investigation in high society, so she decides to give the baby faced detective a hand.

Comments : The sisters and their relationships keep this book entertaining, fun, and so interesting. They are plucky, resourceful, and down right hilarious in their outlook on life post abandonment. This really is a fun, fast, and easy read—perfect for a day at the pool or a rainy afternoon. It is a wonderful debut for the sisters and I love all the books in this series. There is some sex, violence, and language, but nothing that overrules the plot. Very well done.

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