Mar 30, 2010

Dial Om for Murder

Title : Dial Om for Murder

Series : #2 Mantra for Murder
Author : Diana Killian
Rating : * * * *

Characters : A.J. our heroine. Lily is the co-manager of Sacred Balance and still begrudges having to share with A.J. Jake Oberlin, the attractive detective, is A.J.’s love interest. A.J.’s ex husband, who decided he was gay after they had been married for a handful of years shows up.

Setting : Stillbrook, north of Jersey.
Basic Plot : A.J. is still pleased with her decision to stay and manage her deceased aunt’s yoga studio. In this installment A.J. has two star clients that are disrupting her balance. When one of these celebutants is found dead A.J. is thrown into the murder mix once again. Then her ex-husbands shows up looking grim and rumpled. Will A.J. find the killer before it is too late? Will this be the last straw in her and Jake’s relationship? Read and find out.

Comments : I love this cute series. It really is a cozy mystery and I love the way the characters interact and develop together. A.J. is a super main character that most readers can identify with. The sensuality of this novel is extremely tame and so is the language. Tension runs high, tempers run higher. I like the book, I like the series, I will read more.

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