Feb 4, 2011

4 for 30

{necklace :: luckybrand}{cardigan :: oldnavy}{shirt :: forever21}
{belt :: target}{pants :: americaneagle}{shoes :: walmart}
I am officially calling this outfit fantastic 4 Friday. It is casual dress in my office on Fridays and, it goes without saying, that makes them my favorite of all work days. This shirt is so much fun to pair things with and comes in my favorite shade of mustard. I am loving the rugby stripe all thick and tough.
Some might be noticing my glasses right about now. I am always wearing them, but never in pictures until today. Don't get the wrong idea, I adore my extra set of eyes, but I hate having to combat glare. Also, da da da da, I am going to be getting a new pair of glasses soon and will be sure to document them as soon as I can pick them up.

1 comment:

  1. I love this outfit! Especially the yellow and white striped shirt =D