Apr 10, 2011

Gender Test for Baby

This little experiment was something my mother had to get directions for on the Internet. She said she had heard of it, but wasn't quite sure on the specifics. So we gave it a try. Granted I am not that far along, but still, something fun to do while we all get way too excited about Baby.
So the premise is that you hold the pencil above your wrist and depending on how it moves will tell you if it is a boy or girl. This medieval test says boy. Dr. also predicts boy, but that is only to pacify Superman. Lil' Brother Sidekick also votes boy, but he believes it is something you can vote on. My sister, The Raingirl, predicts boy, then girl, then boy again. I myself don't have a clue one way or the other. Nor do I really care. I just want one happy, healthy, whole baby and I will be satisfied. I guess we shall see eh?

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