Jun 17, 2011

Hers & Mine

Jessica Abla vs. Alondonreview
Here is my take on this outfit after I got it on. Jacket, way to hot for summer weather. Admittedly I took it off for most of the day and put it back on for pictures. Second, did you see those shoes she has on? Too risky for my twenty week bod, though I do admire her courage. It seems like she is always wearing platforms of one sort or another. P.S. Sorry to let you down, but a bag is not included in my outfits becuase I always use the same bag, day in day out. I know, UNACCEPTABLE fashion faux pas, but c'est la vie. But I must say, Jessica knows how to work it with her bags. She has soooo many and I luv them all.
I am loving summer. Summer sun, summer green grass, and summer skies. Unfortunately over the weekend things are going to turn cold :( Not nice, ca-razy Utah weather, not nice. So this Saturday will be full of Farmers Market, Puppy Park, and as much yard work as I can squeeze in before the sixties hit. Doubt not! The pool is absolutely in my future. Just not this future weekend. Sniff.

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  1. I believe that you won with this look darling ;)

    love it!