Aug 13, 2011

Dear Baby Week 30

(Week 30) Saturday, August 13th
Baby Boy Schade,
            Today was another great day of vacation. Almost the entire day was spent at the Lake. We rode around in the canoe, we sat in the sun, and we napped in the shade. We ate turkey sandwiches for lunch, played on the floaties, and got to see your Great Grands Wood for lunch. Every moment was bliss except for one thing. Pepper Potts was missing. Unfortunately we had to leave her home due to a really long story. Other than that we all had a great time together.
            Papa and Uncle Lincoln did really well with the canoe. I took a lot of pictures and we can’t wait for you to be part of our adventures next year. Bear Lake, as you will discover, has become a bit of a tradition in our family. The water is so beautifully blue. Granted, it can be a little cold, but on hot days like this one it feels just like heaven.
            For dinner we tired a Mexican restaurant that was not fantastic and shared some Bear Lake Raspberry shakes. Very good. Then we just sat around the camp, all of us too pooped out to do much more. Mark this one down as one of my favorite days of summer.
                        Thinking about you always,

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