Aug 27, 2011

Falling Into Fashion

I am not a seasonal shopper.
I usually don't latch on to trends.
I always buy what I want, usually when I want it.

This makes for a full and disorganized closet. So...
This new movement is all about change.
This month I am going to commit to a new ideal.

I commit to a theme for one month.
I will only buy clothing, shoes, and accessories to match my theme.
I give myself a budget of 70 bucks.

Now I hope I won't go crazy when I shop.
Now, with limits, I can focus my wardrobe.
Now lets begin.

Lately I have been scrutinizing my overflowing closet and my obsessive retail therapy. I don't even know why I think I need retail therapy, but I do. So now I need voluntary therapy because I am already going through voluntary therapy, how crazy is that? Oh, the vicious cycle! Saturday I hit the gym, hit the showers, and then hit all of my favorite shops consecutively. This makes for an endorphin crazed spree, especially with my growing belly and lack of mental faculties. Baby is due in October so this sick carousel is coming to an end, voluntarily.

I am focusing and cutting back, not out of necessity, but because it is simply the right thing to do. Honestly my closet is a bounty of shirts, pants, sweaters, cardigans, and even some things I am too ashamed to post. Unfortunately my pregs of a body doesn't squeeze into hardly anything anymore. Obviously I have dealt with this in the wrong way, over shopping and overspending. No longer I tell you!

I already have the basics covered, like black jeans, white tees, neutral skirts, button ups and so forth. So I have decided the best way for me to capitalize my closet is to pick a theme for the month and only purchase complimentary pieces for that theme. Themes might include colors, patterns, trends, and so much more. Bonus points if I make something myself. These themed things I will then wear over or with my already collected basics. Comprendo?

Wish me luck! I am turning over a new leaf (since it is almost fall and that is the most appropriate cliche I could think of).

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