Aug 31, 2011

I Thought Registration Was Only For School!

Dear Baby Registry,

I hate you. And I love you at the same time. First I despise the idea of picking these things out and making a long list for all shower guests to peruse and purchase from. Then, THEN I can't stop checking to see if anyone has gotten me anything. Ahem, baby anything. Ok, Ok, ME anything. Oh the agony!

First, you make me feel soooooo greedy. Greedy, greedy, greedy. I want this, I must have this, I won't be a good mom without this. Friends buy me this or I will unfriend you or dislike all of your photos on facebook. This really is a vicious cycle and must stop! Honestly, the little man is going to be so small. All he REALLY needs is his mommy, a place to poop, and a place to sleep. At least for the first few weeks/months right? So why I am I putting a MamaRoo on my registry? Why? It is madness. Yet, I do it, and pray some sweet soul will purchase this for me. I love you mamaRoo, aka the most expensive baby bouncer swinger in the world, and I must have you.
Second, I hear that gowns are all the rage, even for boys. Makes bedtime diaper changes much easier and I am all for them. But wait, what!?! Thirteen smackaroos for these sleepers? Choo have got to be kidding me. I don't even buy shirts for myself that are this expensive. Oh wait, yes I do. I TRY not to, but I do, regularly. So why do I hate it when I have to fork over the big bucks for my little one? Because who knows how long he will fit in these precious gowns. A year? PSHT! No. Maybe a handful of months if I am lucky. Then I get to plunk them in a storage bin for a few years and hopefully they won't smell like mothballs the next time they are a necessity. Don't even get me started on the expense of a good swaddling blanket. My kid, pray he lives through babyhood, will be buried with a swaddling blanket because those things better last forever if I am paying that much for them.
Next up, nothing says welcome to the horrors of motherhood like a baby first aid kit, a baby registry must have. Well, that and breast pumps, and eeps Lansinoh. I don't even want to go there, so back to first aid. Here are teeny tiny nail trimmers so you don't cut baby's finger off. But, if you DO here is some gauze to mop up all the blood that will likely happen. Then some itty bitty tape to attach the gauze. Here is a sucker for the nose, lovely. A digital thermometer that goes, yep you guessed it. Oh, and don't forget the Vaseline to rub around the you know what of your new gentleman after the doctor will do you know what to it. Faint!

Here it is. My one true love from the baby registry. I cannot help myself on this one people. Too gosh darn cute. Bonus is that it will work for both baby boy right now, and hopefully baby girl if that ever happens in the future. Yes, I am in love with the cow hide. I cannot get enough of this cute little bum rest for my baby in the car. This car seat will be happening, even if no one buys it for me because I will get it myself. I am not a cowgirl, farmer, or Great Dane owner. Not really a fan of dalmations either. I am not at all invested in dairy products or Chick Fil A, though I love both. Monochromatic, not usually my style. I am, however, due to some strange synapses of the mind, in love with this car seat. Go figure!

Love Ever,

P.S. See what other shenanigans I am up to on my registry. It is a pretty good mess. Most of the things I don't need, but hey, like I said, I am greedy.

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