Aug 20, 2011

Neighborhood Block Party

Last year Superman and I inadvertently created an Annual Neighborhood Block Party. Story goes that we wanted to get to know our immediate neighbors a little better. No better way than a party right? Well things got out of hand and before we knew it instead of our block, we had about six coming. I tell you, that was a literal truck load of burgers, dogs, and buns. It was a blast, and a nightmare.

Well, everyone had such a great time that we decided to give it another shot this year. Fortunately my amazing friends made it a lot easier to share the wealth, or at least the cost for burgers and buns.

This year Superman went to work building carnival games for the kiddies to play. Really, I thought it was too much effort, and Baby Boy agreed? Isn't that right little man? Well, since he can't speak for himself, I will do all the talking and yes, he agrees. This did not dissuade my Superman, which is one reason why I love him. This man never takes the easy way out. Months of preparation and construction went into these thought out games. We had: Plinko, Ball Drop, Seven Eleven, Frog Launch, Tic Tac Toe, Spinning Wheel, Ring Toss, Over and Under, and Double Dice. (If you haven't heard of these games I am not surprised because Superman made most of them up because he is a genius like that.)

Turns out it was another success and well worth every one of Superman's efforts. Even besides the games he manned one of the two grills. My hero! The games were all a hit. The kids loved, loved, loved them. We even got some hand made thank you cards from some super sweet neighborhood kid which almost made my hormonal tear ducts leak out. Next year we might pass on the games just to keep things interesting, but now Superman thinks he can rent them out. Now THAT is a great idea that will not get him into trouble.

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