Sep 8, 2011

Funerary Scenes

Here are some shots from my Grandma's funeral.
Honestly, there is never a worse time to be the family "photographer".
Sad faces.
One soulless form.
Black, black, black.
And a crazy great aunt who wants a picture of the deceased.
Yep, never a worse time to have a great camera.
So here are some of the upsides I captured and hope to remember instead.

My family picked beautiful flowers arrangements for the funeral.
One of them even had her knitting needles stuck in.

My Grandma was a knitting and crocheting machine.
The little blue and yellow baby outfit was made for my Boy.
I am so sad he will not know her in this life.

These chairs would soon be filled with family and friends.
All of them beloved by a very beloved woman.

My Aunt wrote down a prayer for my sister to give at the funeral.
 K. didn't want to leave something out and these are her sweet words.

Sitting next to the most important person in my life.

Superman, you are incredibly wonderful and were such a rock during this time.
It was sweet that you were so worried about me as I sobbed through the day.
And you offered a beautiful dedicatory prayer for the gravesite.

My dear, dear Grandmother. You will be missed.
 We thank you for all of the cherished memories and return you to your husband.

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