Sep 19, 2011

Things I Cannot Do Today

I cannot mow the lawn today,
My feet are much to sore.
I cannot do the dishes
Or even think to mop the floor.

I cannot eat more cookies.
Today I already had seven.
I can't even have some cake
Though right now it sounds like heaven.

I cannot touch my toes
Or tie my shoes with ease.
I don't even fit in my pants
With out an uncomfortable squeeze.

I cannot swim so easy.
Instead I bob and float
But I don't mind the extra time
I have to write this note.

I cannot soak in a hot tub
As I am want to do.
I cannot do one sit up
But that is OK too.

I cannot do these things
That baby boy prevents.
I cannot do the things I like
And yet I am content.

I cannot wait to see you
And hold you close and tight.
I cannot wait to bring you home
And give you kisses goodnight.

I cannot hope to teach you
All you need to know.
But we will learn together
As we both take time to grow.

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