Nov 17, 2011

Christmas List

Now that there is snow on my doorstep I am turning up the Holiday Spirit in my house. Yes, it is true, it may be a bit early for X-mas music. But Superman suggested that a mere month of awesome holiday tunes is not enough. That was pretty much an invitation for me to go ahead and play what I wanted. So yes, we have started listening to the soundtracks of the season. I mean, we do have limits, but Turkey Day is in seven days. That is why we are getting a jump start. Especially when we have 20+ hours of X-mas music on iTunes. Here are ten favorites currently on my playlist.

I Need a Silent Night :: Amy Grant
Elf's Lament :: Barenaked Ladies feat. Micheal Buble
California Christmas :: Brooke White
Mistletoe :: Colbie Caillat
You're Here :: Francesca Battistelli
Winter Wonderland :: Jason Mraz
A Great Big Sled :: The Killers
Always in the Season :: Pomplamoose
The 12 Days of Christmas :: Straight No Chaser

These are in no particular order because I love them all so much. Some new additions to my albums include the new She & Him Christmas Ablum as well as the one by Micheal Buble. However, I have yet to listen to them enough times to pick my favorite songs. Just expect a couple more playlist updates as we get closer to and further in to December.

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