Jan 2, 2012

A New Year's Resolution

I am all about resolutions. Making them, keeping them, breaking them, writing them down every year no matter what. Well this year things have changed a little bit with little man. I have less time, much less time for myself. So, when my friend decided she wanted some support for her venture to read 52 books this year, I thought it sounded like the perfect way to find time for myself. Enough time to read one book a week at least. So I am joining in. She has some rules and guidelines and other friends joining in the fun. It will be good to get back into some kind of reading routine.

Did you know that in elementary school I was not a reader. In fact, they put me in the the remedial reading class. Insert stink eye right here! I did not like it. Not one bit. Sixth Grade Helper: Go on, sound it out. Me: raised eyebrows. Helper: You can do it. Me: K N E E. You can see how much help it really was. Honestly though, it probably wasn't fourth grade remedial reading that taught me to love books, but it did teach me the importance of learning to read. It wasn't until junior high that I really started feeling this passion for books. 

So yes, I am jumping on the book wagon and hope to read one book per week. I wanted to put my own little spin on this challenge because I know what I like and I end up reading a lot of books in the same genre. So, for this year I am going to try branching out. My reason? Because there are too many good books out there, and bad ones, to be missed because I read only a certain type of book. So here is the rhyme.

Something Old :: Classics
Something New :: Modern Reads (preferably written in my lifetime)
Something Borrowed :: From The Library 
Something Youth :: YA/Children's Longer Books (I could have done blue, but it would have been a stretch)
Wildcard :: Anything I Like (this is because some months do have five weeks in them)

So there you have it. Read more about the challenge, the rules, and other book reviews here. Without further a' do, the January Plan. Wish me luck!

Something Old :: Count of Monte Cristo
Something New :: Better Than I Know Myself
Something Borrowed :: Giraffe
Something Youth :: The Beloved Dearly

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  1. Best of luck my friend! Sounds like fun! I'm big on resolutions and this year is no exception! Reading more is always on the loooooong list of things to improve, but last year I read a lot which was great! Have a magical 2012! xx Natalie