Jan 9, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

I have decided to start a few new segments on my blog and this one is meant to get me writing again. When I was 8 years old I was given my first journal. It was a secret garden journal. My mom wrote the first entry and I scribbled in 8 year old scrawl a list of the rest of my presents. My next entry was more than a year later. Not exactly the most successful journal, but it was a start. Lately I have not gotten much better though. So I want to take a brief moment each week and account for the last seven days. We will see how long it lasts, but again, it is a start.

1/1/12 (only because it would be wired to have a post with just one day)
A lovely Sunday was had by family and friends as many gathered for a momentous occasion. Little Man had his blessing today. Superman and proud mommy took time yesterday to find the perfect little Sunday outfit. The sweet baby boy slept through the entire meeting and much of the party. The small residence was brimming with people and soup. Needless to say, the event was a success.

"Today was a recovery day after having our small house invaded," says London. She and little baby boy spent most of the morning and afternoon in bed. That is where they pass much of their time these days. Little Man is smiling, squawking, and kicking up a storm. These early little moments are so precious and every minute is a time of growth for both son and parent.

Everyday mother and son try to take an adventure out of the house. Today's journey was to Target. Otherwise Little Man napped and his mommy tried to clean around the house, but mostly just gazed at one perfect little face.

Not much for the daily report today other than a small excursion to visit G.G. Little Man is willing to share his smiles and few can resist his charm.

Freelance article writing is picking up at the alondonreview residence. The only thing that is remotely troublesome is the fact that the higher up thinks that writing 30 articles in 3 days, with a 2 month old, is entirely doable. Well, it was done. It was stressful, but done.

Friday is a great day. It is a day of looking forward to the weekend. "Lately everyday feels like Friday," Momma says, "because I am home all the time with my little boy. In fact, I am constantly asking my husband what day of the week it is. He is home too and cannot ever give me the right answer without his phone." The 'Review' family is looking forward to a quite weekend.

Today family lunch took place without the Reviews. Saturday is usually a day for extended family lunch. This tradition has been in place for many a decade, but today was a rare exception. Little Man has taken up the early riser routine, meaning that around midnight we wake up and stay up until about 2 a.m. before going back to bed. His mother is not happy with the new routine, especially when sleeping in until 11 a.m. starts messing with tradition. This family runs much like "Fiddler on the Roof," and no one messes with tradition.

Today marked the third real day of church for Little Man. Momma says that spending time in the mother's room is her new favorite routine. "It makes me feel a part of a secret club." Admittedly time does go by faster when church is broken up by 30 minute trips to the diaper room.

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