Mar 2, 2012

Pinsperation :: Accessorize Me

Give me shoes, wallets, hats, and iPhone cases. Lately I have been on the lookout for the perfect accessories because heaven knows I shouldn't be purchasing any more clothes. Sometimes I honestly think the accessories can make and break an outfit, like the font and embossing on book titles. For the most part I am very conservative when it comes to accessories. I own few jewels and fewer purses and no clutches, not a single one. I do however have a gazillion over the shoulder messenger bags because these do triple duty as diaper bag, purse, and backpack. Yes, I know, I am a university graduate and do not need backpacks any more, and yet I cannot give them up. 

Confession, I am a backpack hoarder! I still have a hideous black and orange number from my junior high school days. the zipper is torn, the pockets have holes, and yet I cannot bring myself to give it up. Too many days I walked locker lined halls and sat on the front lawn for lunch with that backpack. It carried textbooks, spiral bounds, and glitter gel pens. It will be mine forever I'm afraid. But backpacks aside, it really is time for me to reach out and explore the big wide world of accessories. Embrace the clutch!

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