Apr 24, 2012

Thank You Ty Pennington

A few weekends ago my family and I experienced City Creek first hand. K.B. was such a good boy, happy to be strolling through the shops only to be taken out in the ladies lounge (aka Macy's Women's Restroom) to be fed and put right back in his stroller riding car seat. He was a champ the entire five hours were were there. We were all very impressed. 

Something else that impressed me was the Restoration Hardware showroom. I had to use the baby's burpcloth to wipe my own slobber from my shirt because every room, every detail was drool worthy. Something about RH speaks to me. The rustic and modern paired with a rugged shabbiness just sends zingers straight to my toes. I was like a five year old once more who had to put jam sticky fingers on everything. Here are just some of the details I loved most. 

1. Big, rusty keys (of course!)
2. Coverless books bound with twine
3. Hen and chickens everywhere
4. Union Jack in the airplane room
5. Maps, mostly of London, but some of Italy
8. Book presses
10. A gigantic wall clock

My mom pretty much summed it up when we walked into this exquisitely made up bedroom suite. Her mouth fell open, her hand slapped to her chest, her eyes were wide, and she said, "Ty Pennington, you shouldn't have!" That was how I felt about every room, every wall hanging, every knob. The details were spot on. Just thinking back on it has my heart pounding with girlish joy. I cannot wait to go back and visit, this time dragging my Superman along. 

And Ty Pennington, if you are out there, "You really shouldn't have," wink, wink

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  1. Isn't that store to die for? City creek is absolutely amazing! Love your cute blog. Xo