Jun 18, 2012

The Discovery of Hands

This kid just discovered his fingers. He watches them intrigued as he moves them gently. Then he grabs his little fingers with his other hand as if to say, "gotcha! you wiggly things." He then lets go and the routine starts all over again. If you watch his eyes during these moments of study you will see him realize he is the one doing it, he is the one making those fingers wiggle. It is an astonishing thing to him and a profound moment for me. Because I am watching this baby, the baby that I helped to make. It is almost as if I am watching some extension of myself when I watch my son. A strange sensation to have a detached part of my own body wiggling and squirming around. I am enamored. I am intrigued. I am smitten. 

Baby boy uses his hands to:
grab everything
patty cake
pet gently
pound on the floor
undo laces
tug on hair

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