Sep 5, 2012

Welcome to our Humble Sauna

I am hot, but not in the sexy way. This last week my hubby decided it was time to turn off the AC. Off, completely. The wisdom of this man was then met with five days in a row of mid to high 80s, and two days of 90s. You have got to be keeding me!

I swelter during the day, I swelter at lunch, I swelter at night. It is not good, this living in a newly fashioned sauna. Truth be told, I like to be warm. I like to pile on the blankets on cool nights, I like the summer heat, but I do not like sweating when I am sitting watching Gilmore Girls on my family room couch. I don't like it one bit. I want to mimic my son and just hang around the house in nothing but my diaper. TMI? ;) (No, I do not really wear diapers, but I would strip down to my undies if I could).

What do I do? I deal with it in peace. Why? Because my husband is a well meaning man and wants to cut down on the electric bill. Because I am trying to live a greener, more environmentally conscious life. Because what are a few days of hot, hot, hot before fall  rolls in with a vengeance? I will take these last days of summer, even if it means inviting summer into the walls of my home.

The plus side to all of this? Let me count the ways.
One, the open windows are heaven.
Two my house smells fresh and dewy in the mornings.
Three, the subtle, fall breeze that occasionally wafts in through the blinds is lovely.
Four, naked baby legs and bellies around the house always.
Five, the neighbors get to hear my singing while I do chores.
Six, the kitchen floor dries faster when I finish mopping.
Seven, afternoon swims in the tub.
Eight, no socks to keep my perpetually cold toes warm.
Nine, I am still wearing shorts while everyone else is in skinny jeans and sweaters.

I bet you thought I was going to list ten things, but guess what, fooled you. I do love fall, but these last few days of AC-less summer are just fine too. Hope your seasonal transitions are treating you well, but we are putting ours off a little while longer. If you are wanting to hang on to summer a while too then you are welcome to visit our humble sauna.

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