Nov 16, 2012

Movie Review :: Skyfall


Title: Skyfall

Actors: Daniel Craig, Judy Dench, Javier Bardem, and Ralph Fiennes

Quick Plot: When M's past comes back to haunt her and MI6 is brought under vengeful attack, Bond's loyalty to his craft as well as M are tested. He himself must retreat to his own past for protection.

Stars: ****

Comments: I'll just start off by saying I loved this film and this bond movie, Skyfall, is my most favorite 007 ever! The depth of story and character I loved from the Danial Craig Casino Royal is seeping through every moment of Skyfall. Every lacking, fallen-short criteria that left me disappointed in Quantum of Solace has been completely left to rot, as if that movie never really happened, and lets just say it, it shouldn't have happened. In this new Bond movie you see vulnerability, moral complication, and despair. You see strength, rising from the ashes. You see the gritty, rigid underbelly of agents strung too tight. You see a villain who is disturbed, broken, and downright scary. The movie is action packed, edge of your seat tense, and in a way, revealing and beautiful.

In the beginning of the film Bond is presumed dead, but really ditches the MI6 way of life in exchange for wasting away in a drunken, lusty stupor. When he returns to MI6 to come to M's aid he is gruff and scruffy, ragged around the edges, and worn thin. In many ways I thought the crisp, edgy Bond was never going to return. About mid-film, though, my hopes were met when the drop-dead Daniel Craig Bond returns in all his black suit, clean shaven glory. But you don't meet up with Bond, the real Bond until the end of the epic film. Honestly the best Bond movie ever! If you know bond then you will be expecting the sex, shooting, and vulgarity. What you will not be expecting is the raw depth brought to the characters of this film. If you liked Casino Royal, especially the swooning shower scene, then you will LOVE Skyfall. At least, I certainly did. It was rivetting, emotional, conflicting, and stunning. Go see Skyfall and let me know what you think. 

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