Nov 5, 2012

November : Falling For Native

Whenever November comes around I have this hunger for all things native. I want earth tones, fur, and leather. I want wool and warm. I love feathers and beads. I crave accessories adorned with arrows. I will even take bison prints if they are available  What do I blame for this crazy, deep seated craving? It must be all those Native American headdresses I made in elementary  school. I mean what could possibly beat construction paper feathers glued to a brown strap and stabled around my head? Just call me Tiger Lily.

Admit it though! November is the perfect time to break out those native prints and Pendleton blankets. Don't forget all of those rich hues that seem turn up around this time; buffalo blood, or is it oxblood, I mean really! They are so luscious and warm my very own heart. I even have a pinboard dedicated to a native November. It has been collecting images for over a year now. Yep, its getting a little out of hand.

So, here it is, a Beso collection of all the things I would add to my native wardrobe if I had the chance. For now though, I will have to go and dig my honest to goodness Native American moccasins out of the fall/winter clothes storage bin. Wish me luck! 

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