Apr 24, 2013

Bang, Bang


I am suffering from the woes of bangs--long, uncontrollable, trying-to-grow-them-out bangs. They hang in my eyes, refuse to romantically swoop, and are always falling flat. There are only so many things I know how to do to cope with this longish fringe and most of them involve unattractively just pinning them back. With each passing day I find them, these bangs of mine, more and more annoying. So I decided to commit a Pinterest/blog/internet search and find out some tips and tricks. I mean, people have survived growing out bangs before. I simply haven't appreciated the information as much as I do now.

I am not saying cutting bangs was a mistake. Truly I have loved them. It was a risk I took back in November. It was a reinvention of myself. It was a fun change and just what I needed to keep from simply chopping all of my hair off. It is the seven month hair itch. That feeling you get every few months, for me it is seven, to do something new with your hair. Last time, I did bangs. But now, I am getting it again--that little itch to do something completely refreshing and new with my hair.

The only thing holding me back? I have worked hard to grow out my hair for over two years now. It is finally "long" by my standards and I know my husband prefers the longer styles on me. BAH! So, instead of going under the proverbial knife, and chopping off a considerable amount of hair, I am committing to at least three more months of growing out my bangs. And here are the tips I have found to help me accomplish this.

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1. Let them Hang. Sometimes you just have to face the music and let your hair hang in your eyes. This is something I am no good at, especially when I have to wear my glasses.

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2. Trim and Shape. Seems counter intuitive, but it is important to trim your bangs while they grow. Sadly though, I have seen two different methods to help while growing out bangs. One is to keep your bangs all the same length with an even trim. The other is to shape your bangs at every trim, ie let the sides grow longer while micro-trimming the middle. I am listing more towards the second option.

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3. Part and Pin. I never, ever, ever part my hair down the middle, but these bangs are making me desperate. Here are two ways to part your hair and pin back your bangs. One, Jessica B. pins them down under the rest of her hair while Jessica A. pins them back over the top of her hair. Both look totally fab on them. On me? Maybe not so much, but I will still give it a try.

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4. Baby Braid. This is something I am completely on board with and have adopted on several occasions. I love the side part and then braiding my fringe out of the way. I usually do a baby french braid and eagerly await the day when i can simply do a single braid instead. *hint* pomade can really help keep the loose ends in tight.

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5. Pull Back in a Top Knot. Another thing I have already tried is pinning my bangs back and then pulling the rest of my hair in a top knot. It is so easy, so fresh, and keeps sticky hair off my neck. I like this because I can pretend I don't have bangs at all. 

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6. Accessorize. If all else fails you can always throw on a scarf or a hat. They can so easily hide anything hideous your hair is doing for the day.

I also have endless more ideas on my Pinterest board. I cannot wait to give some of these a real effort to try.  

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