Jul 22, 2013

Retreat from the Heat

My aunt bought a kayak. Yes, let me repeat, my aunt bought a kayak; a two person, beautiful yellow, sea kayak. It was delivered to her door in the middle of the week in a giant box full of bubble rap and trimmings. For her and my sister it was basically Christmas in July. It pretty much takes up the entirety of her living room AND it is pretty much the coolest, bestest thing I have ever seen. 

So, we decided to dedicate this weekend to a maiden voyage. Three women and two boys headed out to the lake, to retreat from the heat, and have some plain old summertime fun with a bright yellow, brand new kayak. Honestly, I cant get enough of that word: kayak, kayak, KAYAK!!! The shore was completely rocky. The sun was burning hot. It had the makings of a complete disaster at some points, but we made it work and we had the best of times together. 

The bright yellow kayak still has not been christened, but we did smash the proverbial wine bottle against the bow and shoved off at Deer Creek. The water was cool, almost too cool, but it was a reprieve. There was no sinking or swabbing, but there was one very delicious pirate, one you might even recognize. We swam, we splashed, we ate a picnic lunch, and we crashed out on the drive home. Spectacular first voyage of our dear new kayak friend. 

I have zero experience with kayaks, and I must say, this thing is awesome. I went out in it once, with my brother, and we paddled until our arms wanted to fall off, which wasn't that far considering our inexperienced muscles, but don't tell. It was beautiful, and easy, and oh so much fun for us. In my opinion the kayak is a bit more stable than the canoe, a bit easier to maneuver, and a whole lot easier to spot from shore. Bright yellow kayak for the win!



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