Sep 30, 2013

Taking Stock: September

Making: bread, at least I am trying to, so far without much success.
Cooking: pumpkin cookies like a madwoman. Bring on the chocolate chips.
Drinking: hot apple cider most mornings.
Reading: Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale.
Wanting: the cold weather and snow to hold off a while longer.
Looking: at a growing boy who will soon be 2 and I can't even believe it.
Playing: planes, trains, and automobiles.
Wasting: not one minute of precious autumn weather.
Sewing: darts in some of my jeans that don't sit right. Wish me luck!
Wishing: for more evenings with my hubby.
Enjoying: all the new words mimiced by the cutest tiny boy voice.
Waiting: the day when Catching Fire comes to theaters. I'm excited!
Liking: that soon I will not have to mow the lawn.
Wondering: how long it will take to break a baby of his favorite binky.
Loving: the feeling of windows flung wide open and crisp fall air seeping in.
Hoping: for courage in new endeavors.
Marveling: at the million expressions of one sweet, little boy's face.
Needing: a decent night's sleep. It hasn't happened for about two weeks.
Smelling: Bath and Body Works room spray and a little sawdust. Welcome to our home.
Wearing: slippers, always.
Following: a baby and a dog all around the house hoping to be let in on their game.
Noticing: the early morning sun warming the windows earlier, and earlier.
Knowing: that I am deeply and truly blessed.
Thinking: A 2 year old is going to one wild adventure after another.
Feeling: cold outside, but warm inside.
Bookmarking: sewing tips and DIY fall wardrobe ideas.
Opening: a new book a week. On a roll!
Giggling: all the time. Honestly I am.
Feeling: in love with autumn--a clinging, welcome old friend, kind of feeling.

A post taken from The Daybook, who took it from Meet Me at Mikes

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