Oct 11, 2013

Getting a Little Misty

I am a freaking emotional wreck these days and I am not quite sure what is going on: hormones, chemicals, weather, a funk, or just a dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)? My energy is gone, I am moody and gloomy, and I have very little motivation to do much more than laze around my house in sweats and slippers. 

In part I know it is because naps are hit and miss around here now that we have implemented operation "Breaking Binky." I usually either have that time to myself or I myself get a nap too. Unfortunately, for the last four days, neither the boy nor I have had a decent nap. My patience, which I was told to have in abundance if we were going to get rid of the pacifier, is waning. The effects of this sad, sorry state of affairs are starting to make themselves known in boisterous and howling outbreaks, on both the baby's side and mine. This predicament also makes my Littleman needy--something I am just not in the mood to deal with right now. He crawls all over me, hangs on me, whines while clutching at my shirt or jeans. Most of the time I just WANT HIM OFF OF ME! 

Another side-effect? Everything is a tragedy. For him a lost calculator he was playing with, his trains not fitting together in the right place, having to leave and get in the car. With each mishap he is wailing on the floor or clinging to me again. Nightmare! For me it is burned cookies, spilling on my shirt, not finding any matching socks, and even a pile of dirty dishes. Hating it! Normally I wouldn't bat an eye at these things, but because I am a freaking emotional wreck these days, I quickly am frustrated and also end up wanting to just fling myself to the ground in a hysterical fit. What is up? And really, four days of pouting is quite enough. This just has to stop! 

So how do you do it? How do you go about getting out of a funk without freshly baked cookies and matching socks? Well, I am not sure what works for you, but here is a list of things I am going to tackle this weekend that always help brighten my spirits and will hopefully put an end to this good, useful, much needed but needs to be over cry out. 

My Happy List
1. Temple visit. 
2. Lunch with family. 
3. Window shopping. 
4. Showering and dressing up. 
5. Making a new playlist. 
6. Football!
7. Drive up the canyon. 
8. Pedicure. 
9. Taking my camera everywhere.
10. Spending time with my man. 

Happy weekend all. See ya Monday!

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