Apr 21, 2014

Being Overrun

Well friends, the belly is taking over. Or at least I should say, the girl inside the belly is taking over. This little one has a mind of her own. She is pretty mobile for only being about one pound and the size of a bunch of grapes, at least that is what my Ovia Pregnancy App says. Not only is she kicking and bumping up a storm at the most inconvenient times, but she is also taking over my brain, aka my Pinterest account

I have boards and boards dedicated to this pregnancy. Everything from Baby Girl's Room and Baby Girl's Clothes to Dressing this Bump and Exercising with this Bump. It is so amazing how fully I have flung myself into the idea of having a girl--and at the same time not. More and more often I am disappointed by all the frills and bows and pink that come common with a baby girl. Truly I am not the pretty, pretty princess type and for some reason I keep feeling adamant about my little girl not being that way either. Guess that is a sure guarantee she will be the girliest, girl of them all right? Anyway, despite the not so girl things I am going through, there ARE so many things I am smitten with that come along with the idea of having a baby girl. 

There are so many things I want to cultivate in her, so many things I want to teach her. I cannot wait to watch K.B. share is monster trucks and his Superheroes with her. I cannot wait for them to wrestle and play in the grass together. I am so looking forward to the gentleness and meekness that comes with a small infant being around the house. It is all going to be so new and all-encompassing. As you can see, I am already overrun by this baby girl. 

A girl! A girl! A girl!

Ok, I think I am done for now. 

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  1. You will teach her and she will teach you! I am also looking forward to this new adventure and ALL that it will bring.