Jan 26, 2015

I Want to Ride My Bike!

Photo By Matthew Wiebe

I have gone so very long without my Celia and it is starting to take a toll. Really, I never thought I would miss riding my bike as much as I do. It wasn't like I was an avid cyclist or what have you. But I was so invested in spin and cycling the last couple of years I yearn for it now. I just can't get enough and pregnancy, birth and now winter have kept me from my love for just too darn long.

After I had KB I was back at the gym after a few weeks, as soon as I was fit enough to sit on a bike seat. Yeeouch, that first time was a little rough, but I just kept going every chance I got and it was wonderful to get my strength and shape back so quickly. But with EV, it is completely different, as it has been with everything she is involved in. Because of the miscarriage first I put on more weight this go round than I intended, packing it on for one and a half pregnancies instead of just one. Also the last part of this pregnancy was middle of winter instead of end of summer, so I was not only packing on baby weight, but also winter weight. No gym pass this time. No nice weather. No long walks with my baby stroller. You get the idea, I am sure. I am not in shape. Not. Even. Close.

Oh wait, what about that spin cycle your husband and dad spent all their hard earned money on for your for mother's day? What about that? Well, yes. You've got me there. Which is why I feel like a complete dope that I am still murmuring about the fit of my jeans. Alas, I do have a spin cycle that I hope to get more in tune with very soon. However, it must be noted that somehow the tension rod on that thing is a little off because I can turn the knob all the way until it just don't turn no more--but still there isn't enough tension on the wheel for a steep hill climb. So I have had to make due with a steady pace for all of my home spinning and the monotony is almost as bad as not biking at all. Never fear! I have a replacement brake pad on the way, and possibly a new tension knob too if that doesn't do the trick.

Anyways, the other day I was walking through the garage gazing admiringly at Celia when I realized I still will not be able to take EV along on rides until she is a year old. Gah! Facepalm. Well I guess G.G. is going to get her share of baby watching this spring while I get some miles on Celia's tires. I just cannot wait any longer! As soon as that sunshine arrives for good I will be off on some two-wheeling adventures. 

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