Apr 21, 2010

Dearly Depotted

Title : Dearly Depotted
Series : Flower Shop #3
Author : Kate Collins
Rating : 3

Characters : See Mums The Word. A new addition, Richard Davis, is Grace's boyfriend. He, of course, is a suspect and seems like the total opposite of what you would picture to be a beau to prim and proper Grace.

Setting : Abby’s Home Town

Basic Plot : Jillian, if you remember her from the last book, is finally getting married. Not just married, married to Abby's ex-fiances brother. Talk about complicated. Never-Say-No-Abby is bridesmaid/florist/grandma sitter. What a pushover. She is already busy up to her eyeballs and then a body shows up in the gazebo. Who is it this time? Its Jack Snyder, a man who recently got out of jail, and the person to discover him was the ancient woman Abby was supposed to be keeping an eye on. Great! To top it off the police feel their main suspect is Richard Davis. This wouldn’t mean much except Richard is Grace’s, one of Abby’s closest friends, boyfriend. Sweet, gentle Grace is always telling Abby off for poking her nose in others’ business, but this time Grace is begging Abby to poke her nose right in this investigation.

Comments : I am a series reader. Not a serious reader, a SERIES reader. I start a series and if I like book one I will try and read the rest ASAP. This series is no exception. Abby is still just as believable a heroine. She isn’t a professional detective and it shows, but neither is she simply lucky. She is developing some impressive sleuthing skills as we go along and that is a really nice touch to the series. This is a fun blend of clever mystery and engaging characters. This time I figured out the murderer before Abby did, but that doesn’t interfere with the story in any way.

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