Apr 15, 2010

Slay it with Flowers

Title : Slay It With Flowers
Series : Flower Shop Mystery #2
Author : Kate Collins
Rating : 4

Characters : See Mums the Word. One more insert into the Abby Knight Family of characters is her annoying, high maintenance cousin Jillian.

Setting : I know it mentions the location somewhere in there, but I can’t remember, and I cant find it so just use your imagination. Its Abby’s hometown, that is for sure.

Basic Plot : In this, the second installment in the series, Abby Knight is not only bridesmaid to her cousin Jill, but she is in charge of all the flower arrangements too boot. Unfortunately one of the men in the wedding party disappears only to be found murdered and Jill insists that Abby solve the crime. She is not only on the case of the murderer, but Abby is convinced there is a prostitution ring in town, thinking the two crimes are connected.

Comments : Light, fun, and appealing. I liked this book a lot better than he first one. It moves a little faster and the mystery is more intricate. I also love how you get to know the characters alot better this time around. Jillian is a total pest and the only truly annoying part of this book. They way Collins writes always keeps you guessing and Abby is a doll, though sometimes you want to smack her and tell her to mind her own business. There are several funny scenes, two of which had me laughing out loud, and in the end it was an enjoyable read.

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