Apr 12, 2010

Dead Girl's Don't Wear Diamonds

Title : Dead Girl’s Don’t Wear Diamonds
Series : #2 Blackbird Sisters
Author : Nancy Martin
Rating : 3

Characters : The three Blackbird sisters are back and just as fetching as ever. Libby, the pregnant one, is close to her due date. Emma has purchased a horse and started training. And, no surprise, Nora gets in the middle of another murder. College boyfriend to Nora, Flan Cooper, shows up to his father’s party with his wife, Laura, who has taken great pains with her appearance to look more like Nora. Mick Abruzzo is back and just as sizzling as ever.

Setting : Philadelphia high society.

Basic Plot : The story line picks up the immediately fall after the first in the series. Laura, the look alike to Nora, is found dead. Prime suspect is Laura’s husband, Flan. Nora still goes to a variety of parties to write her column for the news paper and tries to cling to the socialite life she was forced out of when her parents became tax evaders. While Nora starts poking her nose around she is surprised to discover how many people wanted Laura dead.

Comments : This book is another winner with the mystery of this story more riveting than the first. It is another fun, light-hearted, romp through Philly’s upper class with all their fashion, diamonds, thieves, and soirees. Nora is just as classy and sassy as ever, despite the disarray and disrepair of her family’s estate.

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