Apr 5, 2010

Hounding the Pavement

Title : Hounding the Pavement
Series : #1 in Dog Walker
Author : Judi McCoy
Rating : 3

Characters : Ellie Engleman is recently decorced is looking for a new start and becomes enamored with the occupation of dog walking, especially after she has reconnected to one of her former pets reincarnated as a Yorkiepoo. Professor Albright, one of Ellie’s customers found dead in his entryway. NYPD Det. Sam Ryder who is on the case.

Setting : Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Basic Plot : When Ellie discovers one of her clients, a champion purebred, is missing after it’s owner is found dead, she goes on a hunt to find the poor dog.

Comments : What mainly caught my interest was that the author donates her royalties from this book to the Best Friends charity, which benefits dogs. The book was charming, though a bit paranormal with Ellie’s telepathic connection with the willing canines. The book is cute and fun and meant specifically for dog lovers, but you might have a hard time getting through the first handful of chapters. The dialogue, especially the conversations held between Ellie and her dog, are humorous and a bit witty. The mystery lead was fairly easy to follow and the anti-heroes are easy to hate. I can honestly say I thought this book was good, not great.

Similar : A Killer Plot (Ellery Adams) A Dog About Town (J. F. Englert) Murder Had A Little Lamb (Cynthia Baxter)

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