Sep 26, 2010

Real Murders

Title : Real Murders
Series : #1 Aurora Teagarden Mystery
Author : Charlaine Harris
Rating : 4

Characters : Aurora “Roe” Teagarden is a typical librarian with thick glasses, sensible clothing, brown hair. Arthur is local policeman and member of the Real Murders Reading Group. Robin Crusoe is new to the neighborhood and is a mystery writer. There are so many others that you will just have to read the book and get to know them yourself.

Setting : Lawrenceton, Georgia full of southern flare and a great sense of place.

Basic Plot : Once a month Roe gets together with real murder enthusiasts on Friday night. This month is Roe’s turn to present on murder and she arrives in the unlocked building and starts setting up. She can’t find the woman who unlocked the building, but she is too busy getting ready to be really concerned. When she does find her Roe is met with a gruesome murder scene, her friend dead. Not only dead, but dead like one of the real murder cases Roe and her comrades had discussed before. Then the bodies start piling up, all of them a duplicate of a real murder case from history.

Comments : First of all, this book has nothing to do with vampires. Just thought I would get that out of the way. Now the first three chapters are amazing—what a great hook! After that the tension slowly decreases until the very end of the book. It’s a good mystery plot. I honestly kept thinking I knew who the murderer was, then all of a sudden I was thrown for a loop again and again. It was extremely hard for me to put this book down each night, but the read is fairly easy and went by quickly. My only complaints are that the book was set up so well, but then sort of fizzles downhill for the rest of the plot and the ending is rushed. Otherwise I loved it. Characters are great! Premise is good. The series has promise.

Similar : Anything in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series.

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