Oct 27, 2010

Body Movers

Title : Body Movers
Series : Body Movers #1
Author : Stephanie Bond
Rating : 4

Characters : Carlotta Wren was the daughter of wealthy, doting parents but is now working Neiman Marcus and living in a small apartment because of the white collar crime her father allegedly committed. Wesley Wren is Carlotta’s little brother and he is prone to trouble: drugs, gambling, fraud, and government hacking. Then be ready to keep track of three love interests. First is Carlotta’s ex-fiancĂ© who married another woman, but is now inconveniently available, Peter Ashford. Next is hunky Detective Jack Terry who is on the case. Finally is Cooper Craft, Wesley’s boss and fellow body mover.

Setting : Atlanta

Basic Plot : Poor Carlotta. That is the basic plot. Her mother and father abaondoned her and her little brother when they were accused of a white collar crime. Not long after her high school boyfriend/fiancé dumps her flat. At eighteen she had to take care of house, brother, and real life. Now Carlotta works at Neiman Marcus to try and make ends meet. Her brother is an idiot, addict, felon who cant stay out of trouble to save his life. When she has finally had enough of him she tells him to grow up and get a job. Well, he does, but its not the type of job she had in mind. He gets a job movie bodies to the morgue.

Comments : The beginning is really tough to sift through. It is like trying to swim through an information dump and looking for a life preserver to clutch to. It is basically the entire, depressing life story of Carlotta Wren and how she came to be where she is today. It feels like too much, but if you keep reading you will get past this and get into the plot. The book is pretty humorous despite the murders and death that make up the main premise. For me, the characters make the book, not so much the plot. They are fresh, funny, and interesting. There is some sexual innuendo involved, but nothing physical yet. This is only the first book after all.

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