Jan 4, 2011

Tunes on Tuesday // If You Think You Need Some Lovin'

I am stealing this idea from a fellow blogger, ashley in wonderland. The thinking is that having a topic for a specific day will cause me to post more often. We'll just have to wait and see how THAT goes. But one thing I am re-falling in love with is music.

In the winter time I get in a rut and the rut's name is Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love listening to Xmas music in the car, at work, on my iPod, all day, every day, 24 hrs a day. Luckily there is always and end in sight as well. But I have been needing an iTunes overhaul for some time now. January is always a good time to start things over and clean out the dusty cupboards, so here goes. My first official Tunes on Tuesday post to help with my lack of melodic catharsis.

I will confess that the holiday season did help me find this gem of a band. They call themselves Pomplemoose and I simply can't get enough of their unique style. To get their Christmas music you had to donate books through Amazon, and you can bet I did it. This song however, is not from that album, thank heaven, but it is a good one. Give a listen!

If You Think You Need Some Lovin' // Pomplemoose

I love the harmonies, the lyrics, and the funny faces they make in the videos. I even love her hair, not that it has anything to do with how she sings. Or maybe....I think I need another hair cut.

Some of my favorite lyrics:
If you think you need a shrink, you're draining down the sink,
Well go take a hike. (ain't got no time for your baggage)
If you think you need a fix don't put me in the mix,
Just stick to wine. (wine, wine, wine)
But if you think you need some lovin', ooooooooo, that's fine.

What is new in your Tunes book?

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