Jan 8, 2011

Project Restyle 1

If you have yet to hear about project restyle you can study it up on A Beautiful Mess. If you are still not sure what the heck this is talking about you can also check out the Flicker page. Basically all you do is find something you deem useless in your home or at the thrift store and give it renewed life. It is actually pretty fun, pretty green, and just plain pretty. Mostly I love all of the ideas I get.

So, here it is. My first attempt at a restyle. Right now I am keeping this pretty simple, but as soon as I get the hang of this you can bet things will get a little more creative and more involved. Here we go.

I found this cute little swan at the thrift store and thought it was darling, tarnished, but darling. So I brought it home, polished it up, and my rings have taken up residency on it's long neck.

I honestly love it more than I thought I would. I have been meaning to find a better home for my jewels. The Superman would claim that I don't have that much jewelry, but in reality my collection is multiplying worse than rabbits and he just hasn't noticed yet because my collection is all spread out.

Plans for my next project involve finding a home for my necklaces. Heres hoping I can find a quick, easy, restyled solution.

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