Feb 1, 2011

1 for 30

{necklace :: lucky}{sweater :: tjmaxx}{shirt :: oldnavy}
{skirt :: calvinklein}{tights :: target}{shoes :: tjmaxx}
For this first 30 for 30 I'll admit, I am still nervous going into this thing. Taking pictures of myself is more than just a little awkward, especially when people start walking by. I just smile and shrug and think "Yep, I'm so vain." Then I starting singing the song to myself and try to get over it. The Superman makes things even worse when I ask him to take a few pics with his phone. Lesson learned people.
The Superman took this last one with his phone, not the best quality.
Some things I really like about this get up are the tights and the necklace. They worked great to compliment the purple and tie the outfit together from head to toe. I didn't think it was giong to work, but hey, wadaya know, not to clashy.

Note: It is supposed to be frigid here the next couple of days! I hate that. Luckily I put a handful of sweaters in my 30 for 30. I just hope legwarmers are considered accessories ;)


  1. Those red tights are fierce! Love it.

  2. I'm a big fan of red tights. They bring so much to an outfit!

  3. i really love your tights and necklace too! happend upon your blog from kendi's site, and i really like your style. my 'fashion' blog came about because i felt bad posting so much ME ME ME on my family blog too. nice to meet you! :)


  4. I love your red tights! And it's so funny because everything you're saying about it being awkward about taking pictures of yourself everyday, I can absolutely relate to! Keep it up, we have 25 more days left!