Feb 2, 2011

2 for 30

{necklace :: tjmaxx}{shirt :: oldnavy}{cardigan :: oldnavy}{jacket :: target}
{pants :: oldnavy}{boots :: tjmaxx}
 I know, shocking that I am here once again. Phew! I have to say, Kendi makes shooting in a parking garage look so easy. I assure you, it is not. Especially not when the garage belongs to a bank and any minute I expect the security to come bursting from one of the loudly clanging metal doors and escort me from the premesis.
"But officers, wait. I am just taking pictures of myself. All alone. Up here on a completley secluded, high up level of your parking garage. Honest! That is a tripod, not a sniper stand." Yeesh, I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was driving up, up, up the ramp after me. Does this get any easier?
Outfit was okay today. Felt a little casual, which I liked, but not nearly as zippy as the red tights of yesterday. Now I know there are shoppers out there who find a shirt they love and buy it in four to seventy nine colors, depending on how many they have. Well, I confess I do this sometimes, but it also looks like I have the same fetish with boots. One of these things is just like the other, no?
Dern it! I bought the pair I am wearing for the 30 for 30 just the other day, thinking they were different enough from my Ann Taylors. Not the case. They are practically twins 'cept the Taylors are a smidge too big for me, but they are taller, which means I love them more. Sigh. If anyone wants to have a pair of "super duper close to Ann Taylor size 9 Peter Boots" then you know who to call. I don't think I can keep both.


  1. I love your striped shirt! And that is hilarious about the boots! They are so cute! I wear a size 9 too :)
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  2. I loved the way your photos turned out. I could never take photos in public like that. I'd be so embarrassed if someone saw. Good luck on the 30 for 30.


  3. Love the striped blouse and boots...lookin good:)

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