Feb 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thurs

1. Anyone else think the word awkward just looks awkward, especially in all caps. AWKWARD! See? No? Hmmm, well, that was awkward.
2. Like Sydney of The Daybook, I too am suffering from some online-gender-mistaken-identity, except I am the one being mistaken. I do freelance writing, all of it online, and this guy made a referal for me, but called me a guy saying that I always deliver my articles on time. Should I take that as a compliment?
3. I have yet to correct said guy for calling me a guy, and that makes me feel a little awkward inside, but I am still smiling, so...
4. My water bottle has been leaking all morning and spilling on my pants in the worst way. Yep, I just barely noticed. So now I have to wait until it dries before I can actually leave my desk to go down and use the bathroom.
5. When my boss came and told a co-worker and I that he was leaving for the weekend to go out of town I did a silent, but extremely wiggly cheer behind his back. Just then he poked his head back around the corner and I had to pretend I was reaching for some files. I don't think he was convinced. Eek!

1. Today there will be another 30 for 30 post, at least that is pretty awesome for me. The photo taking itself is not the most comfortable thing, but I am liking the end result.
2. I just booked three more freelance jobs not five minutes ago, Ka-Ching!
3. While cleaning out my winter coat pockets I found $20, surprise. I had forgotten all about it. Ka-Ching again!
4. The sun is shining brightly! Though it is still cold outside, I can at least wear my awesome shades, making the cold seem not so bad, when I am in my car, with the heat cranked up, and my mittens on, and my scarf up over my nose, and my shades on. I call this look incognito. Perhaps this would have worked better in the awkward section, no?
5. The weekend is only one sleep away and The Superman will be home to share it with me. Pretty awesome!

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  1. Awkward and awesome Thursdays are the best! Haha how fun! Love yours! Cute blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!