Feb 19, 2011

19 of 30

{blackcardigan :: oldnavy}{bluecardigan :: tjmaxx}{scarf :: gran made it}
{jeans :: americaneagle}{shoes :: walmart}
I was putting my dishes away and inspiration suddenly struck. OK, in all honestly I was looking for anything and everything to try and delay the inveitable pile of dishes. A photoshoot was in order since you have yet to behold my kitchen. Well, here it is. That was a bit anticlimactic no? I also did the unthinkable and wore a cardigan over another cardigan. I guess that is what happens on 30 for 30. You end up sweating most of the day, but still look cute.
I love my scarf and have loved it since the first day we met two years ago on Christmas. My grandmother is lovely and she can crochett like it is going out of style, which dear friends, it hasn't in case you were wondering. Lately her finger are stiffening up and she cannot produce nearly as many scarves, arm warmers, and afgans as she has in years past, but she still makes a scarf for every girl in the family. There are six of us and that is alot of work to do for this amazing lady. Loves to her, especially for my scarf.

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