Feb 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thurs

At it again. I have the Awkward and Awesome list started and it doesn't seem to stop. Luckily I will stick with my traditional 5 and 5 for you poor readers who don't need to hear every detail of my not so Awkward and Awesome life.

1. On Valentines day I backed into a parked car. Ok, it was a parked truck. A big, nasty, fat bumpered truck. As soon as I heard the crunch I pulled back into my parking spot, got out of my mushed bumper car, and scrambled back and forth like a chicken with my head cut off. Awkward for anyone who saw it. Luckily there was no one around and I scribbled out as legible of a note as I possibly could. No damage on the truck, 700 bucks to fix my bumper :(
2. This morning I made my husband take pics of my outfit. He works the night shift on a crazy schedule so he was in his Superman pj pants while I was prancing around in my 30 for 30 outfit. Yes, it was awkward.
3. I got a paper cut between my ring finger and my middle finger. No I am not flipping you off, my cut just hurts like CU-RAZY! Blow on it. Shake it. Blow on it. Nothing helped, and I looked like a lunatic.
4. Icy snow storm last night led to icy sidewalk this morning. Nearly fell on my can, in a skirt, in the parking lot, near my office. Yes, there was windmill arm spininng actions involved. Yes, I looked around to see if anybody saw. Yes, someone saw. Nice!
5. Ate a mountain load of sushi last night and now my stomach is making obnoxious gurgling sounds. Not quiet ones. Loud, frog like sounds. Then I go and tell it to shhhhhhhh! That gets me some strange looks.

1. I got a voicemail from the big bumper truck owner who I hit on Vday. He said he didn't see anything, that he was glad I took the time to leave a note, and that he wasn't going to worry about the truck. He also said he hoped my day went better. Nice of him, no? Made me feel good to know there are still nice, awesome people out there.
2. My coworkers have yet to notice that I am wearing the same clothes for 30 days. Pretty awesome.
3. I got to eat a mountain load of sushi with friends and my hubby. We are probably doing it again soon! So awesome.
4. Everyone I know is getting new phones. My dad, my sister in law, my backyard neighbor three houses down, her dog. Usually this would feel pretty crummy, but I love my technologically challenged phone that I use to text and make calls and thats all. It is a pretty awesome phone, to me at least.
5. The new friends I made at sushi might want to do a triathlon sprint with me this year. It is always more awesome to train with other people instead of doing it all on your own.

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