Feb 16, 2011

16 of 30

{jacket :: tjmaxx}{cardigan :: oldnavy}{blouse :: tjmaxx}
{pants :: tjmaxx}{shoes :: walmart}
Today was a sequins day. I wanted to dress it up without any jewlery. Still feeling too dressy I negleted to do my hair. Yes, this is about two minutes with the blow dryer and a finger comb. Yes, I ended up fixing it before leaving the house, thank goodness.
This is the other side of my kitchen and it has a name. "The Clock Wall." Pretty good name, right? So creative. Anyways, this wall will some day be full of the tick tocking beauties. I love clocks and keys. Both of which I hope to have in excess some day. The big red clock shows the accurate time. I also have one for Rosario, Argentina and London, England and Merida Mexico. You can only see two and a sliver of one in these pictures, but note that there are four total hanging there now. All of these places are significant to me in one way or another and it is always fun seeing what time it is elsewhere.

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