Feb 27, 2011

27 of 30

{necklace :: luckybrand}{shirt :: forever21}
{skirt :: calvinklein}{boots :: tjmaxx}
This is what I get when I ask Superman to help me take my Sunday 30 for 30 pictures. He asks, "Do you want me to stand in so you can focus?" I am thinking, Yes, I can finally get a nice picture of you dressed in your handsome Sunday duds. But casually I say, "Sure, that would be great." He gets in position and just as I lower my face to the lens he turns around. The 'Man knows me too well.
Then, with him beind the camera all of my pictures turn out like this. Yay for completely self conscious. You can blame him for the goofy grin. He ain't no stand up comic, but he knows how to make his wife laugh.
I made him take at least one picture with me out of revenge, polarized lenses and all.

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