Feb 24, 2011

24 of 30

{necklace :: luckybrand}{cardigan :: oldnavy}{shirt :: oldnavy}
{skinnys :: tjmaxx}{boots :: target}
First I must appologize for the back log. I am trying to get my dern pictures of my outfits up on this blog, but seriously can't find time in the day to even take a power nap. So my apologies, I am going to do better. Starting now!
Next, this outfit was unexpectedly one of my recent favorites. Easy to pull together yet surprisingly stylish. I love my OTK socks from target. They have been worn a couple times on the 30 for 30 and I think they add a nice something to this particular outfit. I also liked the versatility. I would pull the socks up and shove the boots down. I would pull the boots up. Then I would shove both socks and boots down. It was like having five outfits in one today. Bonus, it kept me warm. Temps are dropping fast and I see the turtleneck back on in the near future.


  1. I love the socks above the boots. I just recently got a pair of boots and socks that actually can do this look. It is so cozy and still so fashionable. Cute!

  2. love the look! i wanted to try the socks above the boots look today, but i just got a foot brace and it wouldn't fit in my boot! i was so sad