Feb 5, 2011

5 for 30

{necklace :: jcpenny}{shirt :: shade}{cardigan :: oldnavy}
{belt :: target}{jeans :: americaneagle}{shoes :: converse}
The details are what I liked most about what I wore today. It was actually fairly nice outside. Chilly, but nice. The sun was out so I packed my Forever 21 shades around with me all day. I also decided to glam up the whole thing with the fancy flower necklace that I never ever wear, (heaven only knows why not). Then, to seal the deal I slipped into some of my favorite chucks. My dad got these for me and they are not sparkly, but are a bit reflective. I don't know if that comes across in the photos, so you might just have to take my word for how cool they are in person.
With this outfit I was ready for a day of errands, shopping, and game night. All in one super casual, but slightly glitzy package.

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