Feb 6, 2011

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{necklace :: luckybrand}{cardigan :: oldnavy}{shirt :: shade}
{skirt :: oldnavy}{tights :: target}{shoes :: walmart}
Yeesh! Hey, idiota in the crooked skirt, you look like you are wearing a home sewn object of shame. Could'ja fix that maybe? Pity sake. I must apologize, the skirt really is darling with pleats, pockets, and puckers, but I am wearing it a little skidlywompous from all my striding around, so it looks odd. I can only shake my head and move on. Love these tights except for one thing, when I wear them and then go take pictures on my front porch they start to blend into the cement. Other than that, they are fantastic and lovely. I was even complimented at church today.
Yes, I have worn these shoes just this past Friday and you might be thinking, "What? She got those from Walm-apart?" Yes, yes I did, and I love them too boot.

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  1. I love your tights - so pretty! Wish we had target here in New Zealand.