Feb 9, 2011

9 for 30

{blouse :: tjmaxx}{cardigan :: oldnavy}{belt :: ribbon}
{pants :: jcrew}{shoes :: tjmaxx)
I really loved taking pictures up against this brick wall. I think it is urban, structural, and very interesting. The thing I didn't like was the fact that it was lunch time and there were TONS of people wandering past while I tried to be discrete about my picture taking.
I really liked my outfit today. I felt professional and classy, something that doesn't happen too often. The only splash of color was my red lips. Simple, solid, sophisticated. All in a days work.
Confession time. I decied to swap my Mary Janes for these beauties. I like them better, they are more comfortable, and they look awesome! Yes, I know that it is probably cheating. I was just jealous of all you who specifically left out an item so you could add some shoes you had on order. 'Cept I didn't plan on adding these and they are not new. Oh well! Consider then now an official part of the 30 for 30.


  1. I love your bob! I need to mix it up in the hair category...

  2. Very classy outfit! Love the dramatic look of your photos too!

    as far as cheating is concerned...i think a lot of us remixers made a few 'exceptions to the rules' ;)