Feb 22, 2011

Movie Review :: Get Low

Movie: Get Low

Plot Summary: This comedy about death comes from a real incident in the 30s where a man who has lived as a hermit for four decades decides to plan his own funeral so he can attend. So he finds two funeral planners and gives them wads of cash to start planing his funeral party. He wants to invite all of the people who know a story about him. So the planning begins and Felix, the crazy hobo, is fitted for a suit and a casket. Everyone in the county is encouraged to show up. On the day of his funeral Felix is the one who ends up shares his story.

Review: I love this show. I love movies that often find themselves off the beaten path; ones that the majority do not even realize exist. When I first found this skimming imdb I was intrigued. The plot summary sounded interesting and I decided to write the release date in my handy, dandy planner. Well the release date came and went, and I didn't see this movie hit the main theaters. I then forgot about it until I was planning an inexpensive double date for my Superman and I to go with my parents. Then I found it again, at the dollar movies. So we all went together. I was enthralled through the whole film. I loved the story, the actors, the writing, the setting. It was quirky and fun. Though it may be true the climax of the show left a little bit wanting, the rest of the genuine and sincere story more than made up for it. It draws out questions of death, fidelity, and true love. I have watched it several times since my excursion to the dollar movies and see many more viewings in my future. 

Side Note**SPOILER ALERT**: When I went to this movie with my hubby and parents we came out of the film chatting and glowing. We all liked it so much and couldn't believe it hadn't hit the big screen, or that no one had even heard of it besides me. On our way out to the car we were stopped by a man who was apparently in the movie with us. He said he had to take a call and missed the last few minutes of the film. He told us the last scene he remembered and we filled him in, telling him how Felix made his final confession and the movie ended with his quiet death. He looked disgusted and said, I quote, "That was the biggest waste of a dollar." I was honestly outraged. I wanted to tell this man that the money he was wasting was in fact money he spent on the Big Mac he was holding in his grubby hand. I wanted to say it was the best dollar I had spent in a long time. This my friends, is why there is so much trash readily available in the media. No this movie does not have any action packed car races, no guns and ammo, no sex or salacious behavior. It is a simple and genuine story about a man who carried an unbearable burden for forty years, putting himself through a living purgatory, and finally found a way to release it and forgive himself. It is an honest and sweet communication of unlikely friendships. It is a movie about life; about living and losing and struggling to live again. It is good people; a simple, good movie. If you see it and hate it then I am sorry, you probably will hate many of the movies I like then, and that's okay I guess. You may just want to skip all of my movie reviews in future though. The DVD was released today and it was money well spent in my opinion. 

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