Mar 4, 2011

30 for 30

{necklace :: luckybrand}{shirt :: oldnavy}
{capris :: oldnavy}{shoes :: walmart}
All I really have to say is WAH-HOO! It is finally over. I can wear different shoes and different shirts and different skirts and different pants again. Second thing though, why on earth did I put capris in my W-I-N-T-E-R 30 for 30. Anyone? I honestly don't know. It was frigging cold and rainy today, but I had to wear them more than twice so I slipped into them on this, the last day. Regrets? Only my bare, purple, frigid ankles can say.
Funny thing about these shoes though. Today I went to lunch with my gran, sister, aunt, and brother. On the way into Red Robin it was drizzling and I was helping Gran out of the car. She looked at my feet and said, "Oh, we better hurry. You don't want to ruin those pretty shoes." I gave a little laugh. "Gran'ma, I got these at Walmart." She laughed and then called me her kind of girl. I have to say, being Gran's girl feels good.

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